Zack Snyder Drops Another Hint At Green Lantern Being A Part Of Justice League Snyder Cut

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June 22, 2019  02:12 PM


Zack Snyder may have given people another reason to push for the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut. The 300 director offered another hint at what was sorely missing from the DC Extended Universe film and it might confirm yet another connection to Green Lantern.

Snyder recently posted an interesting image on Vero which reportedly comes from a deleted scene from Justice League (via Cinema Blend). The picture shows Cyborg seeing his family along with another likeness of himself. Check it out below.

It's another confirmation that we were missing out a lot on Cyborg's story but one user also pointed out that there is something just as interesting in the background. You could see what appears to be a ship from Apokolips and when the fan asked if it was Apokaliptan, Snyder simply answered, "#GreenLantern."

It's a strange response considering that we barely got a glimpse of any Green Lanterns in Justice League. Sure, there was at least a few of them early on but some believe that the Snyder Cut will include an Earth-bound Green Lantern and possibly explore his story.

So does this confirm that the ship actually belonged on a Green Lantern? We'll probably never know until we get the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Until then, there's plenty of time for speculations on what we could expect in the film.

There is little doubt that the Snyder Cut will feature more of Cyborg's backstory considering that we only saw glimpses at his relationship with his father in Justice League.

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