Zack Snyder Confirms Batman's Darkseid Reference In Justice League

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October 12, 2018  12:12 PM


It looks like fans were right all along. Zack Snyder has just confirmed that Batman made a reference to DC supervillain Darkseid in Justice League.

In the film, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) mentions that he had dreamt about the end of the world and that there was "something darker" coming. Snyder admitted on Vero that the line had something to do with the arrival of Darkseid (via Reddit).

VERO: Zack just confirmed the “something darker” line meant Darkseid from r/DC_Cinematic

This shouldn't be much of a surprise for people who are already expecting the supervillain to face the Justice League. After all, it was heavily suggested in Bruce's apocalyptic dream in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that Darkseid will be a major player in future DC Extended Universe films. Steppenwolf's introduction in Justice League should've been just a taste of what is next. Unfortunately, it is still unclear if the film will actually get a sequel soon.

Although we might not be certain about Darkseid's upcoming arrival, people are still hoping that Snyder's cut of Justice League will be released to the public. Let's cross our fingers and hope that the DCEU hasn't given up on introducing one of the comic book universe's most dangerous villains.

Justice League will be followed by Jason Momoa's Aquaman, which focuses on Arthur Curry's journey to unite the Seven Seas. We can then expect to see Wonder Woman 1984 featuring Gal Gadot's Diana Prince facing Kristen Wiig's Cheetah in 2019.

Aquaman will hit theaters on December 21. Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for release on November 1, 2019.

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