X-Force, Gambit, Dr. Doom Movies Reportedly Cancelled By Fox

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January 12, 2019  10:11 AM


It looks like we might not be getting a follow-up to Deadpool 2 after all. It has just been revealed that X-Force along with the planned Gambit and Dr. Doom movies have been canceled by Fox.

The news was leaked on Twitter by Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman, who revealed that the X-Force film is "not happening, not with Fox anyway." Interestingly, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld responded to the tweet by calling X-Force the "victim of the merger." Take a look at the post below.

"Pour one out for ol’ X-Force. Victim of the merger. $800 million grosser easy," Liefeld wrote. Richtman's tweet also confirmed that "Gambit and Dr. Doom are officially dead."

This is certainly sad news but there is still hope that X-Force will be picked up by Disney in line with the Fox merger. Could this mean that the Deadpool spin-off film will end up being the first X-Men project after the deal is closed? We'll be waiting for updates on this one.

It has previously been reported that the Disney and Fox merger will finally be closed by early February or early March. This means that the remaining X-Men films have a chance of being produced by Marvel Studios. Although it is highly unlikely that this will happen to Gambit and Dr. Doom, fans are hoping X-Force will still push through in the future.

Should Disney produce the X-Force movie before other Fox projects? Sound off in the comments below.

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