Watchmen Star Jean Smart Reveals Why She was Drawn to Silk Spectre Role

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July 11, 2020  12:52 PM


Playing a superhero might be one of the major goals that any actor would want. After all, it could mean several projects and being a part of a major franchise. However, Jean Smart has revealed that she had other reasons for wanting to play Silk Spectre. The Watchmen star admitted that it was actually Laurie Blake's weaknesses that drew her to the role.

Smart recently spoke to The Los Angeles Times about her character who spends most of the series "pining for somebody who’s been living on another planet for 30 years." Interestingly, this is what attracted Smart to the role in the first place.

"That says a lot about her. Then she finds out that he is living here with another woman. She thinks that she’s kind of got it all together, but she’s really kind of a mess," Smart said. Interestingly, the connection between Laurie and Angela Abar is a lot more obvious than it seems.

"She tells Angela that, you know, you don’t strike me as the kind of person who has friends. I’m thinking just look in the mirror! She’s living alone, in an apartment with an owl and has a closet full of black pantsuits and no social life whatsoever," Smart said. "She’s in love with a man who, like you said, she hasn’t seen in 30 years. And another guy who’s in prison. A shrink would have a field day with her."

We're certainly glad that Smart decided to take on the role and we're hoping to see more of Laurie in the show's second season.

HBO has yet to renew Watchmen for a second season. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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