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September 22, 2019  04:37 PM


There is little doubt that Spider-Man: Far From Home was perfect on its own. However, some of us are still hoping that the deleted scenes were actually part of the theatrical release. Did you miss out on the film's extended run where the cut scenes were shown? Luckily, someone has made a compilation of every deleted scene from the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick.

There were six different deleted scenes including Peter Parker going about with his to-do list and Mysterio causing the energy pulse in London. You can watch all the six scenes below.

6 Deleted Scenes | Spider-Man: Far From Home (including Peter's To-Do List) from r/marvelstudios

The first scene is the to-do list where Peter sets off to get his passport and take down a mob while the second one shows the students magically disappeared and returned after the Snappening. Next, it is revealed that the class went through a deli while Peter got his Night Monkey suit and the fourth scene is all about Mysterio waiting for Nick Fury's call. The fifth scene shows Peter and MJ napping together on the plane followed by Flash's hilarious vlog footage. 

The deleted scenes offer a better glimpse at what it was really like for Peter as he prepared for his trip and offered insight on how Mysterio set everything up for Fury. We're also glad to see that Peter held on to his Lobot action figure because well, who wouldn't?

For now, Far From Home is Spider-Man's final appearance in the MCU. However, it looks like Disney is determined to keep Spidey within the universe. Hopefully, Disney and Sony will come up with an agreement where Tom Holland can continue being a part of the MCU.

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