Titans Season 2 Image Reveals Closer Look At Krypto, Superboy, Deathstroke And Ravager

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September 07, 2019  11:58 AM


There's a lot of things that people are already excited about in Titans Season 2, but let's be honest: We really want to see Krypto the Superdog in action. Although we might have to wait until next week for that, we now have a closer look at the super-powered canine. Oh, and Superboy, Deathstroke, and Ravager as well.

The image was shared on Reddit and Krypto is certainly the best looking one in the bunch. Check it out below.

Deathstroke, Ravager, Conner and Krypto new promo images from r/TitansTV

First up, Esai Morales' Slade Wilson is clearly ready for action. The second photo shows Rose Wilson aka Ravager, who is played by Chelsea Zhang in the series. We're loving her white hair and eye patch here. Connor Kent (Joshua Orpin) is shown with the black Tshirt that boasts of the Superman logo and of course, there's the goodest of all good bois Krypto.

We're certainly looking forward to seeing all of these guys in Titans Season 2 but we're definitely most excited about Krypto. After all, he's Krypto the Superdog, you don't really need a better reason than that.

The premiere episode of the second season certainly didn't waste time in throwing all the young heroes into action. Rachel immediately had to face her own father Trigon in an effort to save her friends. Luckily, Rachel manages to defeat the villain and Dick decides it's time for Titans to return. Unfortunately, this also leads to Deathstroke coming out of retirement.

Will Krypto (and the other guys) finally get some screentime next week? Find out when Titans Season 2 Episode 2 airs on DC Universe on September 13.

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