Titans: Lewis Tan Batman Rumors Finally Debunked

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October 28, 2018  12:30 PM


Fans have been excited about the possible arrival of Batman in Titans. There have been speculations that Deadpool 2 star Lewis Tan will portray Bruce Wayne in the DC Universe series.

The speculations started Tan was spotted visiting DC Comics and Warner Bros. and leaving with stacks of comic books. An insider even revealed that the Iron Fist actor was part of the Titans scene showing the death of Dick Grayson's parents. Although it wasn't explicitly stated that Tan was playing the Caped Crusader, fans believed he is the most likely candidate. However, The Wrap has confirmed the truth about Tan's rumored casting.

This is rather disappointing since people are already looking forward to seeing Tan as the Dark Knight. However, Titans might not even feature Batman at all and simply allude to the character without showing him in action. Nevertheless, we're hoping that Tan gets a meaty part in the series.

It is important to point out that Tan has not been officially announced as joining the cast of Titans. Still, it would be great to see the former Hawaii Five-O star back in action soon.

Tan has recently been confirmed for a new Netflix series called Wu Assassins. He will portray Lu Xin Lee, a custom garage owner who also happens to be running a car theft ring for the Triad. His AMC series Into The Badlands is currently on its third season although the back half of the season has not yet aired.

Titans airs on DC Universe every Friday nights.

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