This Very Good Boy Only Responds To Harry Potter Spells

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January 11, 2019  01:38 PM


What's the coolest thing your dog can do? This very good boy actually knows most of the magic spells you can cast in the Harry Potter Universe. Or at least, he responds to his owner's commands in a special way because he was trained using Harry Potter spells.

Remus the dachshund might be the cutest little wizard out there and just like Hermione Granger, he has memorized most of the important magic spells. The adorable dog belongs to voice actress Anna Brisbin, who decided to train Remus to respond only to Harry Potter spells. This means when you say "Avada Kedavra", he immediately plays dead or fetches his ball when you say, "Accio ball."

The smart pupper also has his own awesome responses to the spells. When Brisbin casts "Serpensortia," he doesn't act like a snake. Instead, Remus sticks out his tongue. The video even captures the dachshund winking cheekily at the camera as he does so. Remus also knows when it's time to go potty when Brisbin says, "Aguamenti."

Brisbin confirms that Remus is named after one-time Defense Against The Dark Arts professor Remus Lupin. We would have figured she'd name him after Sirius Black, who was the real dog in the Harry Potter Universe, but we're not complaining.

So far, the video confirms that Remus knows a whopping 17 Harry Potter spells including "Lumos, Nox, Engorgio, Revelio, Alohomora, Confundus, Immobulus" and so much more. Brisbin has not yet confirmed if she will be teaching the clever pup more spells (or tricks) in the future. For now, we can confirm that Remus is indeed a very good boy who should be accepted at Hogwarts soon.

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