The Witcher Star Admits to Making Henry Cavill Break Character During Filming

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January 19, 2020  06:00 PM


It's no secret that Geralt of Rivia could barely stand Jaskier. However, it looks like Henry Cavill and Joey Batey had a great time working together on the first season of The Witcher. Interestingly, Batey admitted that he would often cause Cavill to break character while filming for the Netflix series.

Batey recently spoke to where he confirmed that he and Cavill immediately got along.

"Within the first couple of minutes of meeting him, we were in fits of giggles," Batey confessed. "I don't want to dispel any of the magic of Henry Cavill, but he's a total goofball and I publicly love him. We make each other laugh, we have a very similar sense of humor quite a lot of the time."

Not surprisingly, the bond between the two would end up being a mild problem during filming.

"I'd love to see the blooper reel of this show one day, because we're constantly making each other laugh, which is difficult, because obviously Henry's playing a very gruff character that's not supposed to smile very much," Batey stated. "And so, when he breaks, that's my favorite thing. If I can get Henry to laugh unintentionally, I have won. Still, filming every scene with Henry was a joy."

It's great to know that Batey and Cavill got along so well while working on the first season of The Witcher. Luckily, the two will be reunited as soon as Season 2 begins production in the next few weeks.

The first season of The Witcher is currently streaming on Netflix. The series will begin production for Season 2 in early 2020 and return to the streaming service next year.

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