The Witcher Fans Start Petition Against Ciri BAME Actress Casting Call

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By Nobelle Borines | More Articles Hoarder of Fantasy Books and Stephen King Wannabe
September 13, 2018  08:22 AM

Fans are taking desperate measures to ensure that Netflix will do something about the recent casting controversy for the female lead in The Witcher series. A new petition has been started begging the network and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich not to limit Ciri's casting call to actors of color.

There have been reports that Netflix has sent out a casting call for a young BAME actress to take on the role of Ciri. BAME stands for "Black, Asian, and non-white minority ethnic background," a description that has shaken fans to the core. Social media has been filled with complaints about the network trying to change important aspects of the story and one fan has gone as far as starting a petition on

The petition points out that "The Witcher is a Polish series of novels set in an Eastern European, medieval fantasy world" and they believe "that the best actress, not the most diverse actress, should be cast as Ciri." It also stresses that the casting call might only be a rumor yet insists that people should sign so they could convince Netflix to change their decision about a BAME actress.

The Ciri casting controversy has certainly taken its toll on Hissrich. The showrunner has decided to quit Twitter after the backlash. Hissrich didn't specify that her departure was due to the controversy but many believe she is trying to avoid any distractions. Hopefully, Hissrich will manage to get some work done in the next few days.

The Witcher will be led by Henry Cavill, who has recently been reported to retire from his DC Extended Universe role as Superman.

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