The Walking Dead Creator Says There Are 'No Plans' for More Negan Comics

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July 11, 2020  01:27 PM


It has already been confirmed that Negan is alive and well both in the Walking Dead comic books and the ongoing TV series on AMC. However, it looks like the villain's future is uncertain. Robert Kirkman has just revealed that there are currently "no plans" to continue with Negan's story in the comics.

Kirkman recently took part in a virtual Q&A with Hey Fandom! where he was asked if people can look forward to another mini-series after Negan Lives #1 or maybe even another The Walking Dead comic series. Not surprisingly, the creator played coy when sharing his ideas.

"It's nice that I have that option open. I can bring Walking Dead back tomorrow if I wanted to, and I'm really happy that I have the freedom to do that," Kirkman said. On the other hand, he also wants to do something else for a change. 

"That said, it was something that was a 16-year chunk of my life, and Charlie Adlard's life, and we're very much enjoying our time off right now. I'm really excited to be working on other projects, like Fire Power," Kirkman added. "I can't say for sure that we'll never do another Negan thing, or another Walking Dead universe thing, but there's no plans to right now."

It might be too soon to expect another Walking Dead comic series but we're keeping our fingers crossed on Kirkman getting a brilliant new idea in the future.

Negan Lives #1 is now available. The final episode of The Walking Dead Season 10 will air on AMC later this year. 

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