The Punisher Season 2 Trailer Has Fans Wondering About Karen Page's Absence

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January 11, 2019  12:51 PM


People are still raving about the first trailer for The Punisher Season 2 which features Frank Castle doing what he does best. However, all the action still hasn't distracted fans from one notable absence: Where the hell is Karen Page?

The trailer certainly promises more action this January and at one point, perhaps some romance? There is a brief scene showing Frank kissing an unidentified woman, something that has "Kastle" shippers dismayed and taking to social media to demand Karen's return in the series.






Interestingly, Deborah Ann Woll has been confirmed to return in The Punisher Season 2. However, the reports suggest that Karen will only show up in one episode this season. This means that the Daredevil character will not be a major part of the storyline, which is set to focus on Frank and his new young friend (Giorgia Whigham).

Woll's fans don't need to worry too much about the actress at the moment. After all, she has been confirmed to host her own Dungeons & Dragons show Relics & Rarities. No word yet on whether Jon Bernthal will be joining Woll's campaign anytime soon.

The second season will also bring back Ben Barnes as the scarred Billy Russo, who is certainly out to take revenge on Frank after the events in Season 1. The trailer also reveals that Billy will be working with new villain John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart), who has been described as an "alt-right Christian fundamentalist." Will they manage to take Frank out? As he succinctly puts it, he's the one who does the killing.

The Punisher Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on January 18.

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