The Old Guard Star Teases Possible Sequel Revealing Quynh's Story

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July 19, 2020  04:09 PM


There is little doubt that people are loving The Old Guard and can't get enough of the film. But could there be a possible sequel for the Netflix movie? Veronica Ngo may have teased on a second film being developed and this time, it could reveal what truly happened to Quynh after all this time.

Quynh only appeared briefly in the film but her fate was truly tragic. Although she was one of Andy's original immortal companions, Quynh was captured by priests and placed inside an iron maiden that was immediately thrown into the sea. Being immortal, she had continuously died by drowning for over 500 years.

Amazingly, Quynh appeared in the movie's final scene where she meets up with Booker and is seemingly out for revenge. So is this something that will be explored in The Old Guard 2? Ngo told Insider that there's a story that needs to be told right there.

"Everyone's so curious about her," Ngo said. "When she meets Booker, there's so much pain and anger in her."

It's an understandable reaction to being trapped underwater for several centuries but is it an idea that the streaming service should pursue? Ngo was quick to point out that the sequel would be up to Netflix.

"There's a lot more we want to know about her, but you have to ask Netflix what will happen next," she said.

We're certainly hoping that Netflix is already planning The Old Guard 2 so we can learn more about Quynh and the other immortals.

Do you think The Old Guard should get a sequel? Sound off in the comments below.

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