The Nightmare Before Christmas Director Regrets Cutting Awesome Tim Burton Easter Egg

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October 28, 2018  09:19 AM

There's nothing about the Disney classic The Nightmare Before Christmas that anyone would like to change. However, director Henry Selick has just admitted that he regrets removing an awesome Easter egg that pays tribute to Tim Burton.

Selick recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter in celebration of the film's 25th-anniversary celebration. The director revealed that he originally planned to add an amazing gag in the final sequence involving a severed head.

“There’s a shot — and I really regret replacing it — at the very end of the film when Jack comes back and then Sandy Claws flies overhead and there’s snow and Christmas comes to Halloween Town. We show a lot of Halloween Towners enjoying winter sports and snow and you see the vampires playing hockey and they hit the puck right at the camera — and originally it was Tim Burton’s head. And it was really funny.”

In the final cut of the stop-animation classic, the vampires are instead shown using a pumpkin for a puck. Selick decided on the change at the advice of one of the producers.

"Denise Di Novi or one of the Hollywood producers told me, ‘I don’t think Tim’s going to like that.’ And I feel so stupid for not just asking him. But that’s one of the shots that we reshot and we put in a pumpkin instead. I don’t know if that shot still exists, but I’d love to replace the one in there and I’m sure Tim would love it.”

We certainly hope Selick will find the original shot. It would be an excellent addition to the film to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

A special The Nightmare Before Christmas sing-along Blu-ray was released in September.

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