The Boys Season 2 Star Karl Urban Reveals How Butcher Will Deal With Becca's Superpowered Son

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August 27, 2020  12:43 PM


We already know that Billy Butcher's wife is alive and well after what happened in the previous season finale of The Boys. But what could happen now that Butcher knows Becca has a son with superpowers? Karl Urban has just teased on what will happen in The Boys Season 2 and it isn't looking good for the kid.

Urban recently spoke to where he confirmed that Butcher isn't exactly pleased that Becca has been raising a child who just happens to be Homelander's son.

"Well, without giving too much away, you have to know that Billy Butcher has a very clear, specific view of Supes, and he does not like them," Urban stated. With that in mind, he continued that Butcher feels the same way about Becca's child. 



"His wife's son is a Supe so that prejudice is part of the fabric of the character and it's not one that is easily brushed aside in any circumstance and particularly not this one," Urban concluded.

Ouch. It looks like tough times are ahead for this unfortunate boy, who has also been featured in the Boys Season 2 trailer being tested by his own father. Interestingly, Homelander appears to try making his son fly but the child simply drops to the ground. Hopefully, his mother will be able to make things easier for him.

The Boys Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 4.

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