Suicide Squad Director Shares Shocking Photo of Jared Leto's Burned Joker

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May 24, 2020  04:08 PM


The recent news confirming the Justice League Snyder Cut may have led to other directors hoping that their own versions of certain movies could eventually get released. For instance, people have started noticing that David Ayer has been sharing some never-before-seen images from his 2016 film Suicide Squad. The filmmaker's latest post now reveals Jared Leto's Joker with a burned face.

Ayer shared the photo on his official Twitter account along with a short yet enigmatic caption. Check it out below.

We're not sure what Ayer is trying to say with this post but this is a new look for the Joker. Some believe that the still might be from a deleted scene in Suicide Squad where the Clown Prince of Crime ends up being injured.

Naturally, Ayer's cryptic posts have led to speculations that he is trying to show that he also has plans for a director's cut of Suicide Squad which could reveal his true vision for the film. However, it seems unlikely that Warner Bros. would consider it since a new Suicide Squad movie has been shot and is currently in post-production.

It was previously confirmed that Zack Snyder's director's cut of Justice League will be released in 2021 and the project could lead to bigger plans for the DC Extended Universe. There are speculations that the Snyder Cut's success will allow Warner Bros. to pursue new movies like Justice League 2 and Man of Steel 2. However, this has not yet been confirmed by the studio so it's best to take it with a grain of salt.

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