Stranger Things Actor's Contract Possibly Confirmed [SPOILERS] Season 4 Return

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July 12, 2019  11:53 AM


The conclusion of Stranger Things Season 3 was certainly heartbreaking considering that a beloved character met their end. However, it looks like someone is set for a major comeback in Stranger Things Season 4. A new report points out that a certain actor's contract allows them to appear in at least one more season.

WARNING: Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers ahead, proceed with caution.

One fan recently asked TVLine's Michael Ausiello if David Harbour will return in Stranger Things Season 4 despite his character Jim Hopper's suggested death. Interestingly, Ausiello shared that the Hellboy star is contracted for more seasons.

"[Harbour]’s current contract carries him through a potential fourth season (and possibly beyond), but that doesn’t necessarily mean producers will pick up his Season 4 option. FWIW, the latest Vegas odds put the chances of him/her returning at duh," Ausiello wrote.

This isn't the first time that Hopper's return was blatantly confirmed. It was previously reported that Harbour himself hinted at Hopper being the "American" referred to by the Russian guards in the post-credits scene.

While the chances of Hopper returning in Season 4 are pretty high, it's highly unlikely that another fan favorite will turn up in the next chapter. Alexei, played by Alec Utgoff, is gone for good but will forever be sipping cherry Slurpees in the hearts of Stranger Things fans.

Stranger Things Season 4 has not been confirmed by Netflix. In the meantime, the third season is still streaming right now.

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