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July 11, 2019  11:16 AM


There is little doubt that the songs playing in Stranger Things have a certain significance to the ongoing storyline. For instance, the second season finale concluded with Every Breath You Take by The Police as it was revealed that the Mind Flayer was still keeping an eye on the kids. So did the last song in the Stranger Things Season 3 finale confirm what may have happened to a lost character?

WARNING: Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers ahead, proceed with caution.

In Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt, the Byers family including Eleven decided to leave Hawkins for good. As the family packed their things and the door to the old Byers house was finally closed, Peter Gabriel's cover of the David Bowie song Heroes begins to play.

It's a fitting but curious choice considering that this isn't the first time that the song popped up in the Netflix series. The original version happens to be the song playing when Will Byers' body was discovered in the first season episode Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly.

So what makes it so strange? As points out, it was later revealed that the body was actually a dummy and Will was still alive. The use of Heroes in Stranger Things Season 3 may have indicated that a character who is believed to be dead might still show up in the fourth season.

But who could it be? Some believe it might be Jim Hopper, who sacrificed himself in an effort to close the portal to the Upside Down. In addition to that, the post-credits scene showed Russian guards referring to "the American", the same nickname used to refer to Hopper.

Do you think Hopper is still alive? Sound off in the comments below.

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