Star Wars Reveals Rey's Father is a Failed Palpatine Clone in The Rise of Skywalker

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March 05, 2020  08:57 AM


It looks like there is no shortage of shocking revelations from the novelization of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The book has just confirmed the truth about Rey's father not being Emperor Palpatine's son. Instead, the man was actually a failed clone of the Sith Lord.

An excerpt from the Rise of Skywalker novelization was shared on Reddit and it reveals Palpatine had several clones. Interestingly, the Sith loyalists tried every method possible to come up with a clone worthy of being a "receptacle" of the Emperor. Their experiments would eventually lead to one particular clone surviving. Unfortunately, the clone, which was called a "strandcast", was not exactly up to their standards.

Palpatine's Son Page from r/starwarsspeculation

The excerpt from the book reads as follows:

"One genetic strandcast lived. Thrived, even. A not-quite-identical clone. His 'son.' But he was a useless, powerless failure. Palpatine could not even bear to look upon such disappointing ordinariness.

"The boy's only worth would lay in continuing the bloodline through more natural methods."

We already know what these "natural methods" are, as it led to the birth of Rey. Additionally, it's actually a relief that Palpatine himself didn't try those "more natural methods" himself to produce an heir. After all, people were probably wondering about the Emperor getting some "sexy time" before his death in Return of the Jedi in order to have a child who would become Rey's parent. Still, I'd rather not think about things like these.

What do you think of Rey's father actually being a failed Palpatine clone? Sound off in the comments below.

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