Star Wars Possibly Made Kylo Ren's SNL Alter Ego Canon

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August 31, 2019  11:22 AM


Saturday Night Live has blessed the world with a lot of hilarious content over the years and Star Wars fans can thank the show for giving them Matt the Radar Technician. The sketch that presented Kylo Ren taking part in Undercover Boss was certainly a gem but is it also canon? A new comic book may have confirmed that Matt had a dangerous run-in with General Armitage Hux.

The new comic book Star Wars: Age of Resistance - General Hux follows Kylo and Hux as their ship crashes after it is sabotaged. Although they are later rescued by the First Order, Hux doesn't let the sabotage slide too easily. He immediately finds the culprit, who turns out to be a radar technician who may or may not have been getting orders from somebody else.

It's an interesting reference that immediately had fans wondering if Kylo would be capable of sabotaging his own ship just to take Hux down. So was the radar technician actually that new guy Matt? Writer Tom Taylor may have confirmed it, sort of.

Hey, we like the headcanon but Matt is still alive and well and now living as Kylo Ren. Either way, it's a neat reference to the SNL sketch that made everyone fall in love with Adam Driver.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance - General Hux is currently available. Hux and Kylo will return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which hits theaters on December 20.

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