Star Wars: Mark Hamill Reacts to Harrison Ford Answering his Fan Question

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February 16, 2020  02:39 PM


We already know that Harrison Ford is one of the coolest people in the world. But did he really learn to be cool from Mark Hamill? That's what the Indiana Jones 5 actor says and his Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker castmate has the best reaction to his claims.

It was previously reported that Ford was asked a "fan question" from Hamill during an interview where the latter asked if Ford had been cool from the start or if it came later. Ford graciously stated that he "learned how to be cool" when he finally met Hamill.

It's an impressive answer and Hamill couldn't help but gush about Ford on Twitter when he learned about it. Take a look at his tweet below.

"Did not see THAT coming. (and for the record, he was WAY beyond cool long before I ever met him)," Hamill wrote. He then added the hashtag #HamsterHeartsHarrison.

We're loving the mutual respect between Ford and Hamill and it's pretty disappointing that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker will not be able to share another scene again soon. Nevertheless, we're just happy knowing that Ford and Hamill will be friends forever.

Although he will not be returning for another Star Wars film, Ford is currently a truly busy man. He is promoting his new film Call of the Wild. In addition to that, Ford is expected to begin working on the still-untitled Indiana Jones 5.

Call of the Wild will premiere on February 21.

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