Star Wars Icon Mark Hamill Claims He Doesn't Know Ahsoka Tano

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July 05, 2020  11:10 AM


There is little doubt that Mark Hamill knows just about everything you need to know about Star Wars. After all, he has been with the franchise right from the start. However, it looks like the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actor may have revealed that there are some things he isn't aware of. For instance, Hamill recently stated that he doesn't know Ahsoka Tano.

A fan recently reached out to Hamill on Twitter to ask how much he likes Ahsoka. Interestingly, the actor gave a cheeky response, stating that doesn't "know what Ahsoka Tano is."

Not surprisingly, fans were concerned about the answer but Hamill was quick to explain in a different tweet that yes, he was just joking.

"Relax everyone, of course I know Ahsoka Tano!" Hamill wrote. He then added, "Note to self: Binge watch #CloneWars ASAP, apologize to Ashley Eckstein next time I see her."

It was pretty obvious that Hamill was just joking. After all, fans can never seem to get a hilarious answer from this guy. Nevertheless, we're hoping that Hamill is doing his best to binge-watch the final season of The Clone Wars in honor of Eckstein.

Eckstein has provided the voice of Ahsoka in The Clone Wars as well as Star Wars Rebels. The live-action version of the character is believed to be introduced in The Mandalorian Season 2 and will be portrayed by Rosario Dawson. However, the casting has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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