Star Trek: Archer Actor H. Jon Benjamin Talks Tribbles In New Short Trek Episode

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October 10, 2019  10:43 AM


In case you missed it, the upcoming episode of Star Trek Short Trek is going to be filled with tribbles, and we're not complaining. Neither is Archer star H. Jon Benjamin, who admits that he was drawn to The Trouble with Edward because of the fuzzy little creatures.

Benjamin recently spoke to about the Short Trek episode which is undoubtedly inspired by the 1967 Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles. The Bob's Burgers voice actor pointed out that some of the people involved in the episode weren't even aware of the significance of tribbles.

"That's funny because I think we had that discussion, and I was probably literally the only — I'm not even sure the writer, I'm sure he had seen the original shows, but it was literally of my time. So I mean, I'm of the age where I'm very aware of that episode and what tribbles were, and I think we did even have a funny discussion whether anybody would even know that this was a reference to something else," Benjamin said.

Of course, Benjamin knows that fans who have been following the franchise since the 1960s would immediately recognize the tribbles.

"I assume hardcore Star Trek fans would [know], of course. But like I'm saying, hardcore Star Trek fans, they started in the 70s. I think most of the people who worked on the short were in their 30s. I was like, 'Do you guys even know about tribbles?' And some of them didn't. It's still a joke without knowing what the reference is, I guess," he said.

The thing about tribbles is that they tend to multiply rather quickly. So yes, you can expect another Starfleet ship to be swarming with the creatures halfway through the episode.

The Star Trek Short Trek episode The Trouble with Edward will air on CBS All Access on October 10.

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