Spider-Man 3 Could Introduce Scorpion and Kraven the Hunter as Main Villains

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August 10, 2020  06:23 PM


The third Spider-Man film will begin filming soon but we're all still in the dark when it comes to the sequel's storyline. For instance, we suspect that the movie will feature Peter Parker having to deal with his identity being revealed but who will be the antagonists making life difficult for him? A new report suggests that Spider-Man 3 could bring back Scorpion and finally introduce Kraven the Hunter as the main villains.

It's no secret that Scorpion already has his eye on the webslinger. Mac Gargan appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and was understandably furious when he ended up in jail because of the superhero. The post-credits scene even showed Gargan trying to get Adrian Toomes to reveal Spider-Man's identity, something that the latter chose to deny knowledge of.

So how could Scorpion manage to be the Spider-Man 3 villain when he's still incarcerated? There is a possibility that Gargan and Toomes will manage to escape prison in Morbius, giving the former a chance to seek out his nemesis who has gone into hiding. With that in mind, Gargan might get help finding Spider-Man from a hunter.

It was previously reported that Sony is currently looking for "a Joel Kinnaman-type" for an unspecified role in Spider-Man 3. Not surprisingly, this has led to speculations that the studio is hoping to cast a tough guy to play Kraven the Hunter.

The idea of Scorpion and Kraven working together is a welcome one especially since we're hoping to see the Sinister Six in the MCU. For now, Scorpion's return and Kraven's casting has not yet been confirmed so it's best to take it with a grain of salt.

Do you want to see Scorpion and Kraven as the main villains in Spider-Man 3? Sound off in the comments below.

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