Shazam! Director Finally Reveals Superman's Complete Cameo

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May 30, 2020  11:23 AM


There is little doubt that one of the most frustrating things about Shazam! was that the film ended before showing Superman's face at the final moment. However, director David F. Sandberg has finally decided to show fans the complete version of the Man of Steel's cameo in his movie, and it's actually awesome.

Sandberg took to his official Twitter account to share the video showing the full clip of Superman's cameo in Shazam!. Check it out below.

"I know a lot of you asked for this but I’m not so sure this is an improvement. But hey, at least you can stop messaging me about it now," Sandberg wrote.

I don't know about you but I'm loving the idea that Superman has a new superpower similar to Elongated Man. Or maybe he's actually part giraffe. Either way, it's hilarious and it does confirm that Sandberg hasn't lost his sense of humor after being stuck in quarantine for so long.

There's actually a good reason why Superman's face was not shown in Shazam! in the first place. Since the studio was unable to work out a cameo from Henry Cavill, Sandberg had to use a stand-in to put on the Man of Steel's suit and show up at Billy Batson's school. Still, people are hoping that an extended cut of the film could include Cavill's face in the future.

It is still unclear when Shazam 2 will begin production. In the meantime, the sequel is already scheduled for release on November 4, 2022.

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