Sebastian Stan Defends Marvel Films After Francis Ford Coppola's 'Despicable' Comment

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October 20, 2019  06:46 PM


There is little doubt that fans are currently fuming after Francis Ford Coppola declared that he agrees with Martin Scorsese and stated that Marvel Cinematic Universe films are "despicable." However, Avengers: Endgame star Sebastian Stan is keeping calm about the situation and defended Marvel movies in his own awesome way.

Stan is currently in attendance at the Fandemic Tour in Houston where he was asked what he thought about Coppola's comments (via The star of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier admitted that although he is a huge fan of the Godfather director, he also disagreed with his opinion.

"He's one of my heroes and I was listening to him and meanwhile, I just spent the day with all of you," Stan said. "People have been going up to me like 'Thank you so much for this character,' 'This movie helped me out so much,' 'This movie inspired me. Now I feel better. Now I feel less alone," so how can you say these movies are not helping people?"

It's great to know that Stan is offering a different side of the story and confirming that Marvel movies have been helping fans in their own unique ways. As an actor who has met Marvel fans, he should be one to know and it's easy to see why he doesn't agree with Coppola.

It was previously reported that Coppola claimed Scorsese's comments about Marvel films being "not cinema" was too kind. “He didn't say it's despicable, which I just say it is,” Coppola said.

For now, Stan is clearly standing with Marvel. He is expected to begin filming for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier next week.

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