Ron Howard Teases Willow Sequel, Says Locations are Being Scouted

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July 02, 2020  04:16 PM


The Willow sequel is coming and it might be coming a little sooner than expected. Ron Howard has just confirmed that they are currently scouting for locations to film the highly anticipated series.

Howard recently spoke to the Edinburgh International Film Festival where he tried to be very careful about what he says about the sequel (via

“Well, if I say anything too concrete it's gonna go viral because anytime I say anything about Willow, people take it all very seriously," Howard said. Nevertheless, he shared that the series is already being developed and that there is one big name already eager to return. 

"I will say that, let's see ... what can I say? It's still in development. It doesn't have a green light. Warwick Davis is thrilled by it and if we are lucky enough for it to go, he could come back as WIllow," Howard said.



But that's not the only thing that Howard revealed about the sequel. Although it's still in development, they are already planning ahead.

“We are far enough along that, in a very tentative way, locations are beginning to be scouted, and we don't know where we're going to shoot, but we have gotten some research photos back from Wales," Howard said. "It's nice to think about where our old knock bar was, and, again, no idea if we're gonna get to make the show but we're having a wonderful time developing the scripts under Jonathan Kasdan, who is leading the charge."

Howard might be trying to avoid spilling too much but this should be enough to get people hyped up for the sequel. Hopefully, we'll get more news about the Willow series soon.

Are you excited about the Willow sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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