Richard E Grant's Star Wars Episode IX Character Finally Revealed By Concept Art

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February 10, 2019  08:33 AM


There is no shortage of theories about who Richard E. Grant will be playing in Star Wars: Episode IX. Some believe the veteran actor has been cast as a young Palpatine or perhaps an older version of Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, the truth could be a little simpler than that. Grant's character may have finally been revealed by recently leaked Episode IX concept art.

The collection of concept art and reference photos was posted on Reddit and features an interesting glimpse at what we could look forward to in Episode IX. The third image in the collection (labelled C) shows Grant in a costume that is easily recognizable. Check it out below.

Leaked Episode IX Concept Art and Reference Photos from r/StarWarsLeaks

If you're still not convinced, the description reads, "Richard E. Grant as FO Officer (Reference Photo)." FO, naturally, stands for First Order. Not surprisingly, this confirms Grant's earlier claims stating that his character is completely new to Star Wars.

“The character is just mine,” Grant had said before adding that he isn't even sure if he will be getting his own Star Wars toy. “I don’t know about the action figure or whether there will be one, but this is pretty amazing,” he said.

Grant's character isn't the only one whose character may have been revealed by the leak. The fifth image in the collection features Dominic Monaghan as a Resistance officer. This means the two actors will be on opposite sides of the conflict in Episode IX.

Grant will debut as a First Order officer in Star Wars: Episode IX, which premieres on December 20.

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