Richard E. Grant Says He Could Be Fired For Star Wars: Episode IX Spoilers

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January 12, 2019  09:31 AM


We're still in the dark when it comes to Star Wars: Episode IX, so much so that fans have yet to learn the film's title. But is there any way that Richard E. Grant can share some details about his mysterious character in the highly anticipated flick?

Grant was recently a guest on The Graham Norton Show to promote his new film Can You Ever Forgive Me? (via Express). However, people were more interested in getting the former Doctor Who star to spill the beans on his new Star Wars character. Sadly, Grant declined to share anything since he doesn't want to be axed from Episode IX.

“Yes, I am in the last Star Wars. I have no idea [if I’ll be recognizable] because I’ve not even been allowed to tell my family what the name of my character is. If I told you I would get fired. We’re not even allowed to take the script home. There is a lot of security,” Grant revealed.

There have been speculations that Grant has been cast to play an older version of Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, the rumors have been shot down and Grant's character is still very much a mystery. It is possible that he will portray a completely new character that is not connected to anyone we have already seen in the Star Wars Universe. Nevertheless, some believe Grant's character might have something to do with the First Order.

Grant had previously confirmed that Episode IX will be the final Star Wars movie.

Star Wars: Episode IX will premiere on December 20.

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