Rian Johnson Hinted At Kylo Ren's Redemption In Star Wars: Episode IX

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January 25, 2019  12:44 PM


Most people believe that Kylo Ren is set to embrace the Dark Side in Star Wars: Episode IX. However, it looks like Rian Johnson may have teased that the former Ben Solo is set for redemption after the events in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Johnson had previously discussed how he came up with one of the final scenes in The Last Jedi. The director compared the scene where a Force connection between Kylo Ren and Rey revealed that the survivors are escaping through the Millennium Falcon while Kylo held on to Han Solo's dice as it faded.

“I think that's such a beautiful notion of 'What does he regret in that moment,’” Johnson had said. “The same way I think about in Revenge of the Sith, that mask is coming down, that beautiful shot of Anakin [Skywalker] and his eyes right before it goes over and you see that glimpse of 'Is it fear? Is it regret? What is it? What is going through his mind at that moment?' That's that kind of moment for Ben and I don't want to put that moment in your guys' head. I feel like that's a moment that everyone should read into themselves.”

The scene was certainly left ambiguous as the audience wondered whether Kylo Ren was disappointed that he had been defeated or if he is having second thoughts about his decisions. Hopefully, things will be revealed when Episode IX finally premieres this December.

It's interesting that Johnson mentioned Anakin during the interview since there are now reports that the character will show up in Episode IX. Although it is unclear whether his Force ghost will still look like Anakin or appear like Darth Vader, it would be interesting to see how the sequel will deal with the character's return. However, these are based on speculations so we recommend taking it with a grain of salt.

Star Wars: Episode IX will hit theaters on December 20.

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