Ray Fisher Continues Supporting Justice League Snyder Cut Release

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June 16, 2019  02:58 PM


It's no secret that everyone wants to see the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. In fact, there's a petition out there that continues to call for the original director's full vision. Not surprisingly, Ray Fisher wants Snyder cut to be released as well.

Fisher recently made an appearance at the Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas where he once again admitted that he really wants to see the Justice League Snyder cut (via CinemaBlend). However, the actor also stated that it would still be up to Warner Bros. to release the alternate version of the film. Nevertheless, Fisher insisted that he would show it to the fans if he could. “If I had the power, absolutely,” he said.

There is little doubt that the Snyder cut will be lengthier but, like the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director's cut, it could reveal so much more of the whole story. Although it's still unclear if it will ever be released, Fisher says he still wants to reprise his role as Victor Stone since the character has a story that deserves to be fleshed out.

"I think there's still some repairing that has to take place between Cyborg and his father, in that relationship," he said. "I think there's also a lot of ground to explore how much technology is too much technology for humanity, and how fast technology is evolving, and the role that Cyborg could play in potentially mitigating the issues that would come about because of that. You're dealing with a character who can, with a thought, launch all of the nuclear devices on the planet."

Hopefully, this will be something that will be explored in Cyborg's solo film. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed when the movie will begin production.

The Cyborg film is still scheduled for release in 2020.

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