Marvel's Blade: Kevin Garnett Wants Villainous Role In Mahershala Ali's MCU Film

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September 14, 2019  02:31 PM


Everyone is understandably excited about the upcoming reboot of Blade that will star Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali. Everyone, including basketball star Kevin Garnett, who wants to play a villain in the highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Garnett recently attended the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his new movie Uncut Gems. When Variety asked Garnett what his next project will be, the former NBA player pointed to Joe Safdie, who immediately stated that Garnett should be in Blade. Not surprisingly, Garnett agreed with the idea and he even shared what should happen to his hypothetical villainous character.

"I'm finna do Blade," Garnett confessed. "I'm finna be a villain that gets killed early though. My only request is, do not put in there fighting for 30 minutes, you know what I'm saying? That's not what I'm going for. I want to get killed real early. Soon as we get on, Boom, I'm dead. There's the body. 'Oh, I thought that was Kevin', yeah, that type of role."

That's an odd request but it should fit with how the previous Blade movies worked. The first Blade film, which starred Wesley Snipes, featured former adult actress Traci Lords as a vampire who is instantly killed by Eric Brooks early on in a rave club. So who knows, it could work for Garnett.

The Blade reboot has not yet been given an official release date. However, it is expected to be one of the first movies in the MCU's Phase 5. Stay tuned for more updates on the revival.

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