Mark Hamill Reveals Star Wars: Episode IX 'Title' In New Tweet

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January 10, 2019  01:55 PM


Fans are certainly glad that social media exists since it brings them closer to their favorite celebrities. One celebrity who enjoys interacting with his followers is Mark Hamill, who occasionally offers some interesting tidbits about Star Wars. But did he just share the official title of Star Wars: Episode IX?

People have been understandably impatient about knowing the Episode IX official title. One fan even went as far as stating that they would get the answer from Hamill himself on Twitter. Not surprisingly, the Star Wars actor responded to the tweet. Check out the post below.

It's highly unlikely that the film will actually be called Star Wars: Episode IX Thank U, Next. Nevertheless, the tweet still had fans laughing at Hamill's awesome humor.

Hamill had previously tweeted "Thank u, next" without knowing that it is the title of an Ariana Grande song. However, he has since turned it into some sort of personal tagline.

So when exactly will the Episode IX title be revealed? Although there were speculations that the title and trailer will be announced in January or February, recent reports suggest that fans will need to wait until April to find out. Nevertheless, people are still hoping that an announcement will be made much sooner.

There are already hundreds of theories about what the Episode IX title will be. Interestingly, the most popular theories purport that the title will be a reference to Kylo Ren and his eventual turn to the Dark Side. 

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for release on December 20.

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