Logan Director Shares Epic Wolverine Test Footage of Brutal Opening Sequence

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May 28, 2020  02:22 PM


There is little doubt that Logan was a true masterpiece from start to finish. However, nothing compares to the brutal opening scene where Hugh Jackman's weary mutant is forced to take on a gang that was trying to steal from the limo he drives. But how exactly did that epic action sequence come to be? Director James Mangold has shared a behind-the-scenes look on how the stunt team came up with the bloody scene, and it's just as awesome as the one that ended up in the movie.

Mangold recently took part in an online viewing party for Logan and has shared some cool information about the making of the film. For instance, he posted a video featuring Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director Garret Warren with the rest of the stunt team setting up Logan's fight against the gangsters. Check it out below.



The scene may have belonged to Jackman in the movie but there is little doubt that it wouldn't be as amazing as it was without the effort of the stunt team. Needless to say, we're impressed with all the hard work the stuntmen put into the opening sequence that would set the tone for Logan.

But what are the chances that we'll get to see Jackman reprise his role as the mutant? For now, it seems unlikely that the Greatest Showman star will return to the role. Nevertheless, we're hoping that we haven't seen the last of Wolverine and that he will be back in a new movie soon.

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