Kevin Smith Defends Stan Lee Against Bill Maher's Disrespectful Comic Book Culture Rant

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November 24, 2018  08:38 AM

Nobody disses Stan Lee and gets away with it. Fans have been defending the late comic book icon after comedian Bill Maher disrespected Lee's legacy and made fun of comic book culture. Now Kevin Smith wants to make Maher know that his opinion is not worth anything.

Smith recently took to his Hollywood Babble-On podcast to speak up about Maher's anti-comic book rant. The Chasing Amy director decided not to focus on the Politically Incorrect host but instead praised Lee for what he has done to make the world a better place.

"This guy, he did so f--ng much for this world. He put so many smiles on people's faces. He launched imaginations. He made kids feel part of something. He made adults feel part of something. He was a whole good. Everything about him was f--ng good. He was sweet, he was nice, anything you ever heard that was negative, honestly, was f--ng horseshit, made up. He was a great man, I'll miss him all of my days."

Smith isn't the only celebrity who has defended Lee after Maher's offensive rant. Neil Gaiman previously took to Twitter to say the comedian was "just trolling" and it wasn't anything anyone should pay attention to. "More people cared about Stan Lee’s death than care about Bill Maher alive," the Sandman writer wrote.

Maher has since clarified his rant about Lee, stating that he wasn't necessarily taking "a swipe" at the icon. Nevertheless, he still insists that he still doesn't think highly about comic book culture. Maher went as far as saying that fans being upset about his rant "just proves my point."

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