Jonathan Frakes Pitches Awesome Star Trek Spin-Off Following Q's Adventures

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September 22, 2020  05:03 PM


We already know that Jonathan Frakes is that one man we can always trust to come up with some amazing Star Trek content whether he is in front or behind the camera. However, it looks like the Star Trek: The Next Generation alum has been planning the best one yet. Frakes has just revealed that he had pitched a spin-off movie that would follow Q on his adventures.

Frakes was recently a guest on Galaxy Con where he admitted that he wanted to pursue "the ultimate Q adventure" (via

"That was my pitch. Well, from my good fortune of getting involved with the movies. I kept saying, 'When is our finest nemesis is going to be in the movies?' I'm still surprised that wasn't so," Frakes said.



Frakes isn't the only one who is eager to explore Q's adventures. John de Lancie, who portrayed the character on TNG, stated that he wants to know more about the Q Continuum that was teased upon in the Star Trek Voyager episode Death Wish.

"The place that they never got into it, which is too bad. Which was: What is the Continuum? Other than a road in the desert that goes on, and the shingle in the old gas station," de Lancie said. He then stated that he came up with his own ideas that he hopes would be explored in the future.

"I actually—which I'm not going to tell people, even now—I did create a backstory on that, which would have been really interesting. But I think it's actually someplace that would require a great deal of imagination, and I think the audience would go. So I wish that they had gone there," de Lancie said.

This sounds like the kind of Star Trek film that would be a special treat for fans. Here's hoping that Paramount Pictures actually considers it as one of the main projects for the franchise in the future.

Do you want to see a Star Trek film starring Q? Sound off in the comments below.

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