Joker Officially First R-Rated Movie to Earn $1 Billion in Film History

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November 16, 2019  01:53 PM


It finally happened. Joker has brought in $1 billion in the global box office and it just happens to be the first R-rated movie to achieve the feat.

Variety confirms that Joker is now part of the billion-dollar club. In addition to being the first R-rated movie to dominate the worldwide box office in film history, it's also the first non-Disney flick to reach $1 billion this year. That's an amazing feat considering that there are six other movies that crossed that mark this year.

It seems like Joker just can't stop winning. It was previously reported that the Joaquin Phoenix film is currently the most profitable comic book movie, beating The Mask, Venom, and Deadpool. It also defeated Deadpool 2 as being the highest-grossing R-rated film so far.

The Todd Phillips film starred Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a man struggling with mental disorders who just wants to be a stand-up comedian. In a world that chooses to ignore him, Arthur begins to wreak havoc in the already chaotic city of Gotham.

All the success has led to speculations that there would be a sequel to Joker. However, Phoenix has already shot down the idea of reprising his role as Arthur in Joker 2. In addition to that, Phillips stated that he would only be interested in working on a sequel if it still has a similar storyline to the original.

Will Joker manage to make more than just $1 billion? The movie is still screening in theaters worldwide so it's possible that the final gross will be a lot higher by the end of its theatrical run.

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