Johnny Depp Fans Start Petition To Bring Jack Sparrow Back In Pirates Of The Caribbean

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June 01, 2019  04:13 PM

Johnny Depp might be in some legal trouble right now but that doesn't mean he has lost the support of his fans. A petition asking Disney to bring the Jack Sparrow actor back in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film has already gained over 13,000 signatures.

Back in October, it was revealed that Depp has been dropped from the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film which is expected to be a reboot. Not surprisingly, people were dismayed with the news considering that Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow had been a huge part of the Disney film franchise. This led to a petition on begging the House of Mouse to rehire the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald star for the movie.

But just how serious are fans about wanting to see Depp's charismatic pirate all over again? As of writing, the petition already has 13,488 signatures and more people are signing it every minute. Fans are also leaving supportive messages insisting that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 simply will not work without Depp.

"There is only one person who could be Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny was demonized by Hollywood and the media and wrongly accused, no one gave him a chance, now it has been proven that he is innocent, he should be reinstated in his iconic role," one fan wrote when citing their reason for signing the petition.

Of course, the somehow official reason why Depp was not asked to return was that the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be a reboot, hence introducing new characters. However, most people believe that the Alice Through The Looking Glass actor was fired because of his messy divorce drama with ex-wife Amber Heard. Either way, it's still unclear if Depp will be brought back in the Disney film.

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