Game Of Thrones Fans Raise $32K For Emilia Clarke's Charity

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May 26, 2019  11:36 AM


Daenerys Targaryen's sudden turn in Game of Thrones Season 8 may have turned her into the show's ultimate villain but that hasn't stopped fans from giving Emilia Clarke some major support. Several fans have just donated $32,000 to the actor's charity.

The Reddit community r/freefolk decided to turn all the negative reaction to Daenerys' villainous turn in the final season of Game of Thrones into a positive one for the woman who portrays the Mother of Dragons. The community started a fundraising drive that would benefit Clarke's charity SameYou, which supports brain disease survivors. It's a heartwarming move indeed with a sweet message.

"Can we collectively do something nice for Emilia? A big fundraising drive by the fans for her SameYou charity? It's clear she loved Dany so much, I want her to know we loved her too and we're so thankful for her portrayal," the post wrote.

The response to the post has truly been overwhelming. The fundraiser initially earned $5,000 in the first update but it didn't stop there. The latest update confirms that the community already raised $32,000 and could hopefully earn more as the fundraiser reaches more Game of Thrones fans.

You can contribute to the fundraiser, which goes with the hashtag #WeStandByDaenerys, on It's an awesome way to celebrate Dany as a character and supporting Clarke for her amazing performance throughout the series.

Clarke started the SameYou charity after suffering from two brain aneurysms while working on the HBO series. The Solo: A Star Wars Story actress shared her story in an emotional op-ed published by The New Yorker.

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