Frozen 2 Star was Disappointed Over Song Being Cut From Theatrical Release

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July 03, 2020  04:07 PM


There is little doubt that Frozen II had several awesome new songs that you couldn't stop singing for days. However, there was one particular track that didn't end up in the theatrical release and it happened to be a song performed by Sterling K. Brown. Not surprisingly, the Black Panther star admitted that he was disappointed about the song being deleted from the final cut.

Brown is one of the many stars of the film who appeared in the new Disney+ documentary Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2. In the documentary, Brown confirms that his character Lieutenant Mattias was supposed to have his own song (via

“I was gonna sing a song. I sang for the audition. My song got cut,” Brown stated. However, he pointed out that it could still happen in the next film and that he trusts directors, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck.

“Maybe in Frozen III. You trust that Jen and Chris have an overall vision for what the story needs to be, and if it didn’t fit in the story that they’re now telling you’re like ‘ok, it didn’t fit in the story.’ But you mourn,” Brown said. He then added that although the song may have been something he enjoyed recording, the directors opted for a completely different idea. 

“You’re like ‘oh, that was always fun.’ And then they come up with something else that’s really, really, fun,” Brown concluded.



We're kind of disappointed that we didn't get to hear Lieutenant Mattias' singing voice in Frozen 2. On the other hand, we're hoping that Brown gets a second chance in the future.

Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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