Former Game of Thrones Star Sean Bean Joins Snowpiercer Season 2

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November 01, 2019  04:04 PM


It looks like the TNT series adaptation of Snowpiercer hasn't been given a release date yet but the second season has already been greenlighted. Interestingly, Season 2 now has a huge name attached to it: Sean Bean.

Deadline reports that the former Game of Thrones star will be joining the cast of Snowpiercer and will take on one of the lead roles in the second season. However, details about Bean's new character have not yet been revealed.

It's an interesting move considering that the first season of Snowpiercer has been undergoing some major trouble in the past. The show went through development hell before going through production hell and then ended up being sent to TBS in the past year. However, the series has now been returned to TNT where it will (hopefully) finally air by 2020.

Snowpiercer is an adaptation of the 2013 Bong Joon-ho film that was, in turn, based on the graphic novel Le Transperceneige. The series will star Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs.

If you're wondering if Bean will end up dead (again?) in the show, you can rest assured that the character's fate might not be so obvious anymore. The Lord of the Rings star had previously confirmed that he is turning down any roles wherein his character dies. This means there's a good chance that his Snowpiercer character will survive beyond the second season. (But then again, let's not keep our hopes up, right?)

Snowpiercer has not yet been given a release date. However, it is expected to premiere on TNT by Spring 2020.

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