Dolittle Star Robert Downey Jr. Breaks Up Mascot Fight In Hilarious New Ad

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October 20, 2019  05:23 PM


Is there anything that Robert Downey Jr. can't do? A hilarious new commercial proves that the Dolittle star also has the skills to break up a fight between two NFL mascots.

Downey shared the video on his official Instagram account and it opens with the Los Angeles Rams mascot Rampage fighting with Atlanta Falcons' Freddie Falcon. Luckily, Downey steps in dressed as a referee and immediately announces that he learned animal sign language while working on Dolittle.

The Avengers: Endgame star decides to help the mascot work out their differences and Rampage reveals that Freddie Falcon usually leaves droppings on his car. However, Downey tells Rampage that he should just get his car cleaned. When it is Freddie's turn, he claims that Rampage tends to headbutt into his conversations. Rampage replies that his horns "have a lot on their minds" and calls Freddie "a crow." While Downey scolds Rampage for using that kind of language, Freddie walks out and Downey tells him to stay away from his town car.

It's a hilarious ad that highlights Downey's comedic timing while somehow interacting with two animals (I know they're mascots, but still). It's a brilliant way to promote Dolittle as well as the upcoming game between the Rams and the Falcons.

In Dolittle, Downey plays the veterinarian employed by Queen Victoria who has the ability to speak to animals. Although he has retired, Dolittle is called back into action to find the cure for the ill queen. The film will premiere on January 17, 2020.

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