Doctor Who: David Tennant Eager To Return As Time Lord For Special Episode

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August 08, 2019  05:06 PM


There is little doubt that playing the Doctor on Doctor Who is one of the best gigs an actor can get in their lifetime. So what are the chances that David Tennant would reprise his role as the Tenth Doctor? The Good Omens star admitted that he wouldn't pass up a chance to return to the BBC series.

Tennant is currently promoting the 10th-anniversary screenings of the emotional two-part episode The End of Time. In a video interview, the Jessica Jones actor pointed out that although he would like to revisit the Tenth Doctor, he simply isn't in charge with that kind of decision (via Radio Times).

“Who knows? People ask me this… like it’s my decision when I’ll just stroll back on set on Doctor Who and go, ‘Right! Turn over! Here I am!’ – it doesn’t really work like that,” Tennant said. However, he did point out that it is possible to bring back the Doctor's former reincarnations.

“I suppose the opportunity has historically been there for Doctors to return to an extent,” he said. “There would come a point where I wouldn’t be able to get away with it. I wouldn’t be able to fit in the suit, or get my hair to stand up at the end like I used to.”

All kidding aside, Tennant shared that the 60th anniversary is coming up and getting everyone together again would be "fun to do."

“Jodie [Whittaker], Peter [Capaldi] and Matt [Smith] are all mates now. It would be wonderful to be on set with them,” he said. He added that he is a huge admirer of the Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston and “it’d be fun if we were all on set together.”

Although the BBC has not yet confirmed if an episode filled with Doctors will be happening anytime soon, we're certainly hoping they agree with Tennant and get onboard with the idea.

Doctor Who Series 12 is expected to air on BBC in early 2020.

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