Disney Investor Claims Black Widow Should be Released on VOD

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October 16, 2020  04:04 PM


There is little doubt that fans are disappointed over Black Widow being delayed yet again. But is it about time Disney considers making the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick available on VOD instead? Disney investor Dan Loeb claims that the studio's best option would be releasing the Scarlett Johansson film on Disney+ before the end of the year.

Loeb spoke to Variety where he pointed out that films like Black Widow being available exclusively on Disney+ could give the streaming service the leg-up it needs on competition like Netflix.

“My understanding is that the old-line executives don’t want to go over the top with their big tentpole movies, which is why they announced they were pushing Black Widow and other movies to 2021,” Loeb said. He then added that Disney should take advantage of the situation instead. 

“I don’t think they appreciate the tiger they have by the tail, which is to say the value they can drive by moving into a subscription model, which has been adopted by everyone from Microsoft to Amazon. It’s so value accretive,” Loeb concluded.

This isn't exactly a completely new idea for Disney. After all, the studio had decided to release Mulan on Disney+ last month after a long delay and it did turn out to be a relative success. On the other hand, Disney could still be aiming for blockbuster success in the next year.

Do you think it's time to release Black Widow on Disney+? Sound off in the comments below.

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