Disney Fans are Freaking Out Over Bambi's Mother Getting Shot Again

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January 26, 2020  03:37 PM


In case you missed it, Disney is already planning a live-action remake of the classic animated film Bambi. This means that the new movie will have the same look and feel as the previously released reboot of The Lion King. However, it seems like fans aren't so happy with the prospect of having to watch Bambi's mother get shot all over again.

In the most traumatic scene in Bambi, the young fawn and his mother are discovered by the hunter simply referred to as "Man." During the encounter, Bambi's mom is shot by "Man", leaving the frightened fawn alone in the woods. Luckily, he is soon found by the Great Prince, the deer that is later revealed to be his father.

First of all, the death of Bambi's mother happens off-screen in the 1942 movie. However, that doesn't take away the trauma that most children experienced while watching an animated film. Not surprisingly, people are now worried that the shooting will happen all over again in the Bambi remake and could show up in the new movie.

Some were simply concerned that Bambi might not be able to properly express the devastation because he will look like an actual fawn.

There are several reasons why people are not exactly excited about the Bambi remake. In addition to a possibly gory recreation of a deer's death, most of the story would not translate well in live-action. Personally, I don't think the whole "twitterpating" sequence will have the same effect if you don't get to see Thumper wrinkling his nose.

Are you interested in a Bambi remake? Sound off in the comments below.

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