Daybreak Creator Explains Why Netflix Series is So 'Extra'

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November 08, 2019  12:15 PM


There is little doubt that Daybreak is the most hilarious series about life after the apocalypse right now. After all, it's got a pyromaniac genius, Mad Max-type teen gangs, and a guy who is on a mission to find his girlfriend. But does everything about the Netflix show have to be so extra? Creator Aron Eli Coleite explains that it's the only way to deal with the end of the world.

Coleite recently spoke to about the tone of the series and he immediately pointed out that Daybreak's hilarity stems from the need to avoid the seriousness of other shows set in the future.

"You know, because when we started talking about, 'Okay, what is this show going to be,' we wanted to be as irreverent and as meta, if you call it meta or whether you call it extra, we didn't want to pull any punches," Coleite said.

He then stated that they wanted to acknowledge that "the world is really, really f--ked up right now" but it shouldn't be so bad.

"I think what we were looking for, for ourselves, for the world was something that had a little bit of irreverence to it that didn't take itself so seriously, that could be extra because we just wanted to create a fun experience for the audience," Coleite said. "We wanted to be able to be a little bit of a respite from how insane our world is. And if we're looking at the end of the world, let's do an end of the world that's actually the kind of place where you want to be. Where you can laugh and you can smile. Where you can have fun."

Sure, Daybreak is fun and it's truly different from most post-apocalyptic shows out there. We're loving the humor in the series and can't wait for it to get a second season.

Daybreak is currently streaming on Netflix.

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