Damon Lindelof Says HBO's Watchmen Series Is A Sequel, Not A Reboot

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September 21, 2019  05:12 PM


If you have seen the trailer for HBO's upcoming series Watchmen, you've probably wondered whether it is a reboot of the graphic novel. However, creator Damon Lindelof has confirmed that he has no intention of adapting or remaking the comic book series.

Lindelof recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the new show and he made it clear that no, this is not a reboot.

“Look, [the new series] certainly fits into the 'sequel' box, and definitely doesn’t fit into the 'reboot' box,” Lindelof said.

This makes sense considering that there are two original characters who appear in the series. Jean Smart plays the former Silk Spectre Laurie Blake while Jeremy Irons will portray Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias. In addition to that, Doctor Manhattan is expected to make an appearance in the show as well. With that in mind, Lindelof stated that he developed the story around what is already canon.

“We treat the original 12 issues as canon. They all happened. We haven’t done any revisionist history, but we can maneuver in between the cracks and crevices and find new stories there,” he said.

And what a story it is that he has crafted. The series will follow Regina King as a detective turned vigilante who finds guidance from the former Silk Spectre.

The description for the show reads as follows:

"Watchmen takes place in an alternative, contemporary reality in the United States, in which masked vigilantes became outlawed due to their violent methods. Despite this, some gather around in order to start a revolution while others are out to stop it before it is too late, as a greater question rises above them all; who watches the Watchmen?"

Watchmen will premiere on HBO on October 20.

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