Courage the Cowardly Dog Creator Offers Update on Cartoon Network Prequel

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November 07, 2019  04:16 PM


It has been a while since Cartoon Network confirmed that a Courage the Cowardly Dog prequel series is being developed. But is the new animated show still happening? Creator John R. Dilworth offered an update on the project.

Dilworth was recently interviewed by Tiger Media Network and the animator confirmed that the Courage prequel is still happening. However, he also admitted that he hasn't received any updates from Cartoon Network just yet.

"We are developing something - a prequel - with Cartoon Network, but we don't know where it's going, how it's developing," Dilworth said.

Not surprisingly, Dilworth is still hopeful about the new show. On the other hand, he also understands that series development could take some time.

"I mean, it's a proprietary thing, so all I can say is that we're very, very excited. But to put it into perspective, I have four times been on the altar waiting for the bride, and she never showed up. So, even when everything looks beautiful and you've done everything perfectly, there's things beyond your control. Many, many great shows never get produced," Dilworth said.

First of all, we're not sure if the whole "waiting for the bride" thing actually happened. Nevertheless, we're hoping that Dilworth will be more optimistic about the future of the new Courage the Cowardly Dog series.

The original show started out with a pilot titled The Chicken from Outer Space that aired on Cartoon Network in 1996. In 1999, it was turned into a full series that lasted for four seasons.

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