Contra And Bomberman Are Getting Their Own Board Games

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August 18, 2019  01:23 PM


It looks like you can finally play the classic video games Contra and Bomberman in your living room again, but with a twist. A new report confirms that both Konami titles are getting their own board games next year.

The report comes from License Global, which confirms that Konami Cross Media NY has already signed licensing agreements for board games based on the classic titles. The Contra board game will be developed by Blacklist Games and Kess Co. while Bomberman is the latest project for IDW Games.

Contra started out as a coin-operated arcade game before a home version was developed by Nintendo in 1988. The game has since spawned several sequels including Contra: Rogue Corps which will be released on September 24. Not surprisingly, founder and chief executive of Kess Co. Alex Kessler is already looking forward to the new board game.

“We’re extremely excited with this opportunity to work with an iconic property like Contra, and having Blacklist Games create an immersive board game that captures the essence of Contra's action-packed experience,” Kessler said.

Bomberman was originally developed by Hudson Soft before it was eventually owned by Konami. The strategic, maze-based video game has had several iterations including Super Bomberman R which was released in 2017.

Super Bomberman R’s epic battling and colorful characters translate well into the multi-player board game we’ve envisioned,” Jerry Bennington, vice president, new product development, IDW games, said. “We hope fans will embrace the opportunity to discover that when the game debuts.”

Both Contra and Bomberman board games are expected to be released in 2020.

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