Clark Gregg Says Agents of SHIELD Final Season Will be 'Dark' But 'Fun'

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June 04, 2020  02:11 PM


It's hard to imagine that Agents of SHIELD is finally coming to an end. However, it looks like Clark Gregg is satisfied with the show's final season. The Avengers star has just teased on what fans can look forward to in Season 7, which is set to be "dark" yet "fun."

Gregg recently spoke to Collider about Agents of SHIELD Season 7 and he confirmed that the cast and crew managed to stay relax while working on the final season.

"It was one of those seasons where they weren’t waiting to see if we were getting picked up again. We just got to focus on the work, and we really had so much fun," Gregg said. He then teased that all the freedom allowed them to simply enjoy their work.

"It was the amount of fun that was had in Season 7. It’s a thriller and gets dark, but we had so much fun together, doing our last dance of our own," Gregg said.



There is little doubt that fans are still disappointed that the series is coming to an end but it sounds like the cast are satisfied with how the show will conclude. In addition to that, it's exciting to know that things are about to go dark in the final season. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what Gregg and the rest of the cast of Agents of SHIELD have prepared for Season 7.

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 airs on ABC every Wednesday nights.

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